Shane Colquhoun is an artist based in the coastal town of Cleveland in Queensland Australia.

He has a passion for nature, which is reflected in his artwork ranging from intricate rainforest scenes to fields of flowers.

A dedicated artist from high school, he has developed his skills working with a range of mediums from pastels, pen and more recently coloured inks.

Taking inspiration from the great impressionist artists, his vivid use of colour and detail brings his images to life.

We hope you enjoy your journey through Shane’s unique impressions of nature and our landscape environment.

Limited prints are available in the Shop. For information on original artworks or to commission an original artwork please contact Shane directly.

Discover Shane’s Art

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38636673_1300271250109727_8394973261791756288_n     Journeys Through the Rainforest

38636673_1300271250109727_8394973261791756288_n     Spring Gardens

38636673_1300271250109727_8394973261791756288_n     Forest Floor

38636673_1300271250109727_8394973261791756288_n     Birds